Supplier Code of Conduct

Due to the nature of its business, compared with other industry sectors such as manufacturing, the risks associated with the environmental, social and governance impact of Adevinta’s supply chain are low. Nonetheless, Adevinta is committed to the highest ethical values, accountability  and standards of integrity in its business and expects the same from its supplier portfolio.

Accordingly, Adevinta has compiled a Supplier Code of Conduct that will  ensure that Suppliers are aware of, respect, and comply with Adevinta’s expectations on ethical conduct and sustainability. The code reflects the business practises and standards that set the foundation for developing and maintaining stable, trusting and long-lasting partnerships with suppliers who share Adevinta values and sense of responsibility.

The Code is written in accordance with best practises specific to the industry in which Adevinta operates. It is based on applicable legislation, the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the ten principles of the United Nation Global Compact (UNGC) and its underlying conventions and declarations.

The Code is intended to provide a common ground for sustainability and to contribute to Adevinta’s ambition of a committed Supplier partnership. It applies to all Suppliers, who in turn are responsible to ensure that its suppliers and other participants in their supply chains adhere to the same responsibilities set out in this Code.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Reporting of breaches and Whistleblowing

Adevinta expects its suppliers to report any breach of the standards of this Supplier Code of Conduct. Adevinta also expects its suppliers to report unethical practises from Adevinta’s employees where observed. Whilst in the first instance, it is recommended that all reports are submitted to a supplier’s regular Adevinta contact, Adevinta has a third-party operated whistle-blower function through which a Supplier can anonymously report any non-conformity with, including but not limited to, this Code, internal Adevinta policies and local regulations.

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