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Our marketplaces support the circular economy, helping to reduce plastic waste, items sent to landfill and carbon footprints all around the world. By joining Adevinta, you’ll be helping to build a more sustainable future.

Be the change at Adevinta

We believe change is a good thing. It pushes us forward, sparks conversations and drives innovation. We are always looking to improve and strive for better things, so there are plenty of opportunities to grow, develop and make an impact at Adevinta.

Our promises to you

At Adevinta, we believe that a good working environment is key in enabling our employees to thrive.

Our communities

Our communities open up more opportunities for Adevintans to develop their talents, pursue their interests and support our positive and inclusive culture.

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership is our global year-long accelerated development programme designed to get more women ready to succeed in leadership roles. The programme was launched in 2018 with 16 women from 13 marketplaces and is about to start its third successful year!

“Through the workshop I learned to scale my impact with lots of practical tools and leadership techniques. But more importantly, the perspective I gained has changed the way I think about the business and how I approach challenges — making me a more effective leader.”

Cassandra Lord, Director of Communications & People Engagement

The Change Makers are a peer-led grassroots group with a mission to create a workplace where differences are embraced and every single person feels like they belong. They run workshops and initiatives on topics such as unconscious bias, allyship and privilege tailored for Adevintans.

“Diversity and Inclusion in the tech world has its own interesting challenges. Taking action isn’t merely something “good” to do, it’s an urgent need to get more diverse perspectives on board to stay on top of innovation and to connect better with end-users.”

Anneke Beerkens, Head of Inclusion & Belonging

Our LGBTQ+ community was formed in early 2020 with the aim of providing a space for LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies to connect and share their experiences. They ran a series of events throughout 2020, including tech meetups and a virtual Pride event.

“We wanted to provide a safe space to connect on topics specific to LGBTQ+ people, thinking particularly about our colleagues in countries who may face more challenges. We’re here to support anyone who is struggling to fully express themselves as we want them to feel included at Adevinta.”

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Garcia, UX Lead, Global Teams

The Machine Learning Academy was launched in 2020 to ramp up the knowledge, adoption and use of Machine Learning, and it reflects our determination to make AI part of our basic toolkit.

“The Machine Learning Academy was designed to help us capture the opportunity that Machine Learning brings: delighting our users, improving their experience and helping them find what they are looking for. Hundreds of participants have already learned how to incorporate Machine Learning in our marketplaces and started many original use cases.”

Manuel Sanchez Hernandez, Product Lead for Machine Learning Services

The Sales Academy plays a vital role in striving to provide sales excellence across Adevinta. We’ve just refreshed the Sales Academy strategy with new initiatives to foster productivity by upskilling the salesforce and boosting motivation through recognition initiatives.

“I was quite new to sales when I received training from the Sales Academy and the support and the experience gave me a huge boost of confidence. By sticking to the methodology I was able to always find a way to tackle obstacles on every negotiation and I’ve built resilience too, thanks to the Academy.”

Andrés Ahumda, Adevinta Sales Person of the Year, 2020

Our Product Academy supports our teams to deliver more value for users and the business by delivering online courses that build up key product capabilities, all the while growing our global community of Product teams helping them to learn from each other.

Adevinta empowers individuals and teams with new learning paths, like the Product Academy. It’s one of the many initiatives that Product Managers and teams can access, so everyone can play an equal role in understanding user needs and focus on building the right product.

 Giulia Nidasio, Product Owner, Adevinta Spain

“I love working on products that reach millions of people every day, because every line of code that I write can truly have a huge impact. So finding innovative ways to solve user problems is my favourite part of the job.”
Ali Zoheiry, Frontend Chapter Lead, Adevinta Benelux

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How does Adevinta support diversity, equity and inclusion?

We want to make sure all of our employees feel valued, so we ask our people what they think, how they feel in the workplace and what they’d like to see happening in the future. We take pride in Adevinta for everyone (A4E), a grassroots movement within our company that aims to organise and build a more inclusive workplace, where everyone feels like they belong and can express their true selves. Examples of what we’ve celebrated in the past include Pride Month, Black History Month and International Women’s Day.

What benefits do you offer?

You’ll have access to global networks of knowledge and platforms, as well as all the technology and support you need to grow and develop. Our benefits vary across marketplaces and locations but include perks such as private health insurance, gym membership, personal development opportunities and flexible working hours.

Do you allow flexible work hours?

We believe that work is what you do, not where you do it. So we provide flexible hours and remote work options that give you the autonomy and scope to set your own agenda and working patterns. Find out more about our Smart Working policy here.

What's the culture like at Adevinta?

We believe that a good working environment is key in enabling our employees to thrive. We celebrate and support each other through our wins and losses, knowing that it is our effort as a team that allows us to make a positive impact. No day is the same, and everyday there will be different opportunities for you to grow and develop. Watch our culture video to find out what our employees think.

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