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Celebrating Pride Month at Adevinta | Adevinta

Celebrating Pride Month at Adevinta

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In June, Adevinta celebrated Pride month. We organised a host of activities and initiatives across the business to engage our people, raise awareness and demonstrate solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ colleagues. 

To kick things off, our Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Anneke Beerkens shared a powerful video message to the business. In it, she explores why Pride is more than just a celebration and how it should inspire us to act as allies and champion being Proud@Work: the theme behind this year’s activities. More importantly, she describes how all of this links back to our new DEI strategy, launching in September 2022, which sets out how Adevinta can become a more open and safe place to work. 

Events were held at both local and international levels, organised by our Global HR team and also by grassroots movements from across the business,  including our newly formed DEI committee, Adevinta4Everyone.

We hosted several office parties across our Hub locations and people took to our internal comms channels to join in with a photo-sharing challenge that encouraged Adevintans to share how they were celebrating Pride this year. After receiving a significant number of entries, we made a donation to the LGBQIA+ charity “Insight Ukraine,” a Ukrainian human rights organisation which brings together and supports marginalised members of society. 

We also ran several virtual events aimed at equipping Adevintans with an understanding of LGBTQIA+ identities and how to foster inclusion at work through their daily actions, delivered by external experts, Sandra Camacho and Athena Lam. 

These events and initiatives were further amplified through regular updates shared on both our internal and external communication channels with our colleagues and social media communities. We also ran several exclusive features in our Daily internal magazine, with colleague testimonials, book recommendations and awareness pieces published throughout the month of June. 

All in all, Pride Month was a fantastic example of how Adevinta can ‘Act for max impact’ and come together to celebrate such an important time for the LGBTQIA+ community.



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