Use your voice and speak up

We have a third-party operated whistle-blower function through which any employee or third party can report any concerns they may have related to possible or actual unethical or illegal behaviour.

This external channel allows you to stay anonymous. However, please consider that not revealing your identity could make the investigation more difficult and in some cases even not possible. We encourage you to disclose your identity if you raise a genuine concern, knowing all reports are handled with complete confidentiality and you are protected from retaliation of any sort!

Data protection

Upholding data privacy is an integral part of our business. We are committed to respecting individuals’ rights when using their data. When pursuing a specific issue, personal data collection and retention is kept to a minimum and will be handled in accordance with the GDPR or any applicable privacy laws.

Adevinta will only process the personal data that may be included in the reports made through the SpeakUp channel.
For these purposes, and in the event that the employee who submits a report wishes to receive updates on the status of their report by indicating their contact information in the box provided for this purpose by SpeakUp during the process, Adevinta will not process this information under any circumstances, and the SpeakUp tool will be controller for the processing of this personal data. In this case, you can check the SpeakUp Privacy Policy provided in the tool.

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